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Registration is not mandatory but is always a good idea.Q: Form builder post to event registration site with AJAX and PHP I have a form builder ( on a site and I want to be able to send a form with the user's data to an event registration site to register the user. I'm trying to use AJAX to do this with jQuery and have some success so far. The only problem is, I want to create a form dynamically using the form builder and I want to dynamically build the form with the data I send to the site. The data I'm sending to the site is fine, but since the form is created dynamically it does not appear to be sending the right name=value pair to the form submission. Example: The form builder is: And this displays a form: If you enter some data in the fields and hit the save button, it does not send that data to the form submission page. If I just put the names and values in the form builder directly, then it sends the data fine. A: I have used this form builder before and worked great for me. Hope it will work for you too. The problem is you're not sending anything to the server. When you make an ajax request, it will be sent via a GET or POST request. You need to send data via a POST request, which you can do by using the ajax data option of jquery. To submit a form using jQuery, you can use: $(document).ready(function(){ $('form').submit(function(){ var data = $(this).serialize(); // Form data $.ajax({ type:'POST', url: $(this).attr('action'), data: data, success: function(data){ $('#status').




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